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You‘re not just buying a home inspection – you’re buying years of experience.


Mason Home inspections has a deep family history, starting initially as “A. Mason Roofing” and founded in Toronto, Canada, by Mr. Arthur Mason in 1921 shortly after moving to Canada from England. In 1979, Mason Roofing was handed down to his grandson and family member, Mr. Kevin Cocks.

Since its conception in 1921, the business has branched into several different areas within the family, including engineering, windows, doors, home renovations, and repairs. Experiencing extensive repairs in old and new homes alike emphasized the need for our customers to protect their investment in their home purchases. The newest business to bear the Mason name is Mason Home inspections, the perfect companion to a family of residential focused businesses. In Center City, MN, you will find us partnered with son-in-law Brandon and wife, daughter of Kevin, Tamara.

A Veteran owned, MN Licensed Contractor, and National Home Inspection School AHIT certified business.


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